New Kinnikuman Anime will be Produced by Production I.G in 2024

New Kinnikuman Anime will be Produced by Production I.G in 2024

Production I.G to Produce New Kinnikuman Anime in 2024

The team, studio, title, artwork, and 2024 launch date for the upcoming Kinnikuman television anime were all revealed on Friday through the account’s official Twitter account. Kinnikuman Kanpeki Chjin Shiso-hen (Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc, or simply Kinnikuman Perfect Chоjin/Superhuman Origin Arc) is the name of the anime, which is based on the same-named arc of the 2011 revival manga.
The brand-new anime honors the original television anime’s 40th anniversary of its debut in April 1983..


In 2011, the Yudetamago manga-making team relaunched their original Kinnikuman wrestling comic as a free web manga. The authors picked up where they left off in 1987 with their debut Kinnikuman plot from 1979. Numerous television anime shows and movies have drawn inspiration from the original manga. In June 2019, Yudetamago released a one-shot manga for the first time in eleven years in Weekly Shonen Jump after previously publishing a Kinnikuman one-shot manga in Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine in 2015. On Friday, the 83rd edition of the manga’s compilation book arrived in Japan.

In the 1980s, Kinnikuman toy figures were imported into the United States under the “M.U.S.C.L.E” brand. Then, Kinnikuman Nisei by Takashi Shimada and Yoshinori Nakai was released by Viz Media.


Kinnikuman OP - Kinnikuman Go Fight!

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